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"Dedicated to the emotional needs of women" 

"Personalized Love songs"
                                                                               (with options for video and/or pictures)

Got a personal message you want to express? "Say and perform it through music..." We have songwriters, music producers, recording engineers, video specialists and photographers who have worked with some of the "biggest" names in the music industry. Now they are willing to work for "you." Let us help you "create" your own personal love song with your own "personalized" message in the lyrics (using your sweetheart's name as the title if you like). We will "lyrically" mention  those personal little details about you and your loved one to make your love song "extra" special. We can also send a representative out to shoot video (and photographs of you or your sweetheart) and then incorporate it in with your song to turn it into a beautiful personalized "love music video" complete with editing and special effects needed to make your lover the "star that he or she truly is." Your "special someone" deserves a "tribute in song (and video)..." We will ensure that he or she "gets" it... You don't need to be an expert in music, poetry or songwriting. We will do it all for you. How does this work? Simple: Just tell us your story by clicking on the email address below ( and we will tell you how we can effectively put it together "musically" for you. All information is confidential. Make sure to correctly spell your email address so we can respond back directly to you. 


                                                                              Prices "start" at $100.00 per song 


                       Voice Emails

"You"... are "special"... and there are times when a woman needs to "hear" how special she  is, and hear it in a "very" special way... Here at "Love-notes" we cater to "you"... We're gentlemen who are here for your "social, mental and emotional needs." We want to provide you with those "little sweet things" you crave to have "whispered" in your ear (but "rarely" get to hear). We invite you to reach out to us. You can confide to us about how bad your day was... You can tell us about an "emotional breakup" you just had... You can "vent" and we will listen and follow up with an mp3 voice message email attachment dedicated to you featuring the "deepest, most passionate and sensual male voice imaginable." You deserve it, and this is what Love-notes are all about... This is NOT cybersex... This is NOT pornography... This is a site dedicated to the emotional needs of women who love from the heart and only want to feel loved in return... Now you have a place to go... Welcome to You can reach us by clicking here at

     This week's "Love-Notes Special Feature"

This week's special Love-notes feature is "Jenice."

Jenice is from Jamaica and she is an aspiring singer. She would love to sing professionally and is searching for a manager or agent who can help her get started. We asked her about modeling for us and her face lit up with this beautiful smile as she immediately said "Yes." Jenice loved this photo shoot and she also loved posing with the guitar as well. We would like to thank her for allowing us to feature her as this weeks "Love-notes cover model." Please check out her photo shoot and we will keep you updated with any future activities she may encounter.

We here at Love-notes believe in showcasing the "natural beauty in women. To us, "every" woman is a super model in her own right and worthy to be featured on our site. "No professional experience" is "required." We only need you to just "be you"... If you would like to be featured in a photo shoot for an upcoming week and are not afraid to do shoots outside in the elements (and live close to or plan to visit the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area soon), please contact us at 


The Daily Thought (From Monday through Friday)

During this festive time of year I provide "personalized messages" written, produced and recorded to music that you help write. The concept is called a Melodygram and it is a very fun gift to give to the person who "already has everything." I have posted this before, but I have gotten several requests to post this promo video again. I invite you to check it out, and if you would like more information you are invited to contact me at or you can contact me here at (exactly the way it is spelled with the hyphen (-) in the middle). I hope you have a very happy, healthy and safe holiday season, and to see the video, just click HERE.

If you are interested in submitting a topic for the Daily Thought (or if you would like to be featured on our "Love-notes photo shoot session) feel free to contact us at Our phone number is 215-900-9022. For those of you with boyfriends who are just "not emotionally equipped" to love a woman "from the inside out" you need to have them contact us "immediately." It is a known fact that women LOVE gifts of a "personal" nature and nothing will give your woman more satisfaction than her own testament "in song." Studies have shown that music is one of the greatest "motivational devices" to influence behavior. People will remember catchy song lyrics and melodies before remembering passages of a book. MOST women get jewelry, candy, and flowers, but what woman can actually say that she has  a song "personally and specifically written, recorded and produced about her?" EVERY woman deserves to be loved "emotionally." YOU are no exception... This is the site designed for "you." Thank you for checking out "Love-notes." Remember, when accessing this site you have to put a hyphen (-) in the middle and you must note that this is NOT a dot com, but rather a "dot co." We invite you to check out the other pages to our site by going to the "tabs" bar above (example: Home page, voice emails, personalized love songs, photography mood shoots, and personalized music video). Just click on the page that interests you.  Remember, women love to receive attention in a special way. Let her know just how much she is loved by giving her the absolute best that Love-notes has to offer. She deserves it. Be unique, be creative, and above all, be personal... Love her "emotionally" with a package from
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