How do I go about making a song and/or video?

For writing a personalized love song (and/or video) you first need to contact us either by emailing us at our Contact Us page or by calling us at 215-900-9022 (In the United States) to discuss details. You can also reach us by email at Brett@Love-notes.co (exactly the way it is spelled here). Consultation is free. The price will be estimated based on the expected amount of detail needed to record and produce the song. The more detail you wish to add (instrumentally and vocally) the higher the cost. For attaching your personal video with the song we must be able to save your videos to our computers (so the file type will be important). Video files are very large so we encourage you to use dropbox to send them (or send us a lot of small video samples that can be sent through email). If we can manage to secure a vocal mp3 of "just you singing to the finished product" (without any noise in the background) then we can incorporate your voice to your tune (Your vocals will need to be recorded in the same BPM as the song). You can make any corrections you want to your music. Once you approve the version as being finished (and paid your money) then the sale is complete and finished.

What am I allowed to say when I post for "Sound Off?"

For the most part all sound offs are usually uncensored. However, if there are spelling or grammatical errors we reserve the right to correct them. Your submissions will be posted on a "first come, first served basis" and may not be guaranteed to be posted on the same day. The same applies for any posts such as poetry posts or relationship questions. Your comments will appear on the Blog page section.

How do I submit a representative for Women of Greatness?

For "Women of Greatness" we appreciate if you can send us the "link" to any online article that depicts a great accomplishment by a woman. We reserve the right to accept or refuse any submissions. We make the final determination as to whether or not the submission is worthy enough to be featured

For our fantasy photo shoot page we are not always guaranteed to post the name(s) of the model. All pictures will be taken by our staff photographers. If you would like to have your own personalized pictures of a specific featured model, you can ask us (and eventually "pay") for more. Just contact us (and we will contact the model). Let us know what type of pictures you would like to see of her and if she agrees and accepts your offer and terms (and of course you pay the money) then we can complete this transaction. Please note that the models are NOT always guaranteed to take personal pictures for you.

How can I post a relationship question to be posted for the Blog section?

Again just go to the "Contact Us" page (or email us at Brett@Love-notes.co )and make sure that you let us know that you want our people to respond to your relationship issue. Please be very thorough in your explanations so that we can give an appropriate response. This is for entertainment purposes ONLY! We assume no responsibility or liability for any damages or consequences resulting from anything posted on our blog.