Model Feature

Here on this page we feature photo shoots of women models. Please note that here at Love-notes we don't follow model industry standards. In other words, you don't have to be a certain height, weight, age, ethnicity or shape to be considered for our features. We believe that each woman has her own individual uniqueness that makes her beautiful and special (so we turn no one down). "We only post pictures done by our staff of photographers." This includes our classic "red bass guitar series," where our models will pose with the red guitar you see in different pictures throughout this site. If you would like to model and schedule a photo shoot with us then go to our contact us page or call us at 215-900-9022. We aim to keep featuring different models to show that genuine beauty comes in ALL different flavors and categories. If you would like our models to do an individual "personalized" photo shoot for you (done by our staff of photographers), then go to our Contact Us page and tell us what you would like (and which model you prefer). Please note that we cannot guarantee that the model (s) will accept your offer or terms. If the model does accept your terms then you must pay for the personalized photo shoots right after acceptance and before we shoot any pictures. Each model charges her own prices so prices may vary.

This Week’s Featured Love-notes Model

Our very first featured model for is Tonya K. Brown. We are featuring her photo shoot along with a caption explaining her experience. You can read her story below. Thank you for checking out our Paradise Picture page and we would like to wish you the very best that life has to offer.