“The G Spot”

While the title here may seem somewhat risque, the concept is not as obvious as you may think. Many men lack the skill necessary to "properly romance a woman." We ask women to tell us of the little things men can do "to help put you in a romantic mood." We are NOT referring to the physical act of sex itself. This can be something like flowers, candy or "anything" that you think is sweet for a man to do if he wants your attention.


I went to college with this man years ago and never had a clue how he felt about me. We had lost contact since those years but he recently managed to find me online. It had been about 10 years since I last saw him but he sent me the sweetest message ever telling me how his life has never been right since we went separate ways. I had never heard a man express his love like that before. We are an item now and so happy that we reconnected again. His words were so sincere and genuine. I can't speak for other women, but I love it when a man pours out his heart like that. When we were at school I never thought of him that way but we are lovers now. His approach won me over. If it could work for him then it might work for other men as well.

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Beauty tips

Here on this page we feature women's beauty tips (along with pictures) of women who happen to look great "naturally." We invite input from those who have natural or cosmetic remedies (or tips) that other women can use to help keep their beauty intact. We especially encourage those mature women over the age of 40 to let the world know your secrets that keep you looking so young and so vibrant. Please submit your photos to us at (exactly the way it is spelled) and we will be honored to feature you on our site. Please make sure to include your age. There are many women who feel that once they reach a certain age they can no longer retain their great looks. Hopefully with your help you can encourage and inspire. Thank you for checking us out here at



"I feel that looking young is mostly genetics...However, the things that can help one to stay youthful is meditation, finding moments to quiet the mind, being mindful of what you eat and trying to eliminate stressful situations from your life"

Patrice is 52