“Welcome to “love-notes”

This site is "dedicated to the emotional needs of women." We are attempting to "empower" women with the knowledge and recognition that they are highly valued in society. A lot of the pictures of the women taken on this site were taken by our professional photographers and our special features are designed for acknowledgement. This is our objective. We hope that everyone (men and women alike) can learn from the things that are posted on this page.

“Great women doing great things… Spotlight”

Do you know of a woman who deserves recognition and accolades for doing positive things? If so we would like to honor and acknowledge her. Here at Love-notes we do more than just showcase the beauty of women. We showcase the "greatness" in them as well. It makes no difference what ethnicity, size, age, weight or custom. If you are a woman and doing great things, we want the world to know. You can email us at and send a link. Thank you and we wish you the very best that life has to offer.



"Jenny Williamson"

Here at "Love-notes" we believe that before anyone  else can love you right, you must "first love yourself." That is why we like to spotlight "great women accomplishing great things" on our site. Today we are featuring Jenny Williamson, and if you would like to check out her story just click here .Women are often the "unsung heroes" of society. They hold humanity together without getting the acknowledgements they so deserve. "Behind every successful man you will find a woman who helped to make him that way."



Enjoy the shade of our "The Poet Tree"

Post your poems anonymously please.  No names please. Thank you.

“Poet Tree”

Here is where you can shout out anonymously what you feel in your heart, however, the only stipulation is that you "must do so in poetry form." Poetry is the language of romance, and even though you are not allowed to mention any names here you can still set your heart free to the world through verse. Only poetry will be featured in this section. Just go click on our "Contact Us" link at the very top of this page and when you fill in the form make sure you let us know that you want your words featured under our "Poet Tree." Posts will be published on a "first come, first served basis" so your submission will not be guaranteed to be up on the very first day you send it.

"Poet Tree"

When the winter leaves, he is with the wind.

When the sun shines my days are still cold.

Autumn's hope is found in the foliage

Looking for that global warming love. One that melts glaciers and throws off my seasonal equilibrium. One that swelters when I need it most.

One that makes me want to stay inside from the elements but allows me to feel them anyway. Legislation won't cure me. Love will endure me... Let it rain...

Anonymously submitted