Get someone's attention by writing him or her a song... Your words, your music, your details. Check out the sample below."

Sample song/fantasy music video

This song/video is a rather unique love story (with a surprise twist ending). This lady wanted us to put together a song and video depicting her special relationship with her man (and she also wanted to sing it). We took her lyrics and wrote and produced the music and plotted out the video. She also wanted us to come up with a fun unique ending for this. We invite you to check out this woman's personalized song and video below simply entitled "Fire and Gasoline."

"Write someone a song"

One night drummer Ray C. Williams was riding home with his true love. She was driving the car and he snuck a CD into the player. Next thing she knew she heard "her name" sung in a majestically orchestrated love song that featured intimate details about their beautiful romantic relationship that only she would know. She started crying so hard that she had to pull over. For her, this was special. This is what the power of music can do for lovers. Music has been proven to be the ultimate seducer for getting someone in a romantic mood. Now you can make music work for you. "You actually write the song." It's your words put to music and our experts will help you produce it. It is probably the "second" most personalized gift you could ever receive. Give the gift that no one else can duplicate: Your own personal testament, feelings and emotions recorded professionally to music. You can have someone else sing it for you (or you can even sing it yourself). We will show you how. It is fun, it is unique and most of all it is "extremely personal."

This is the way it works

Go to our Contact Us page and tell us what you would like to do.  We will need the name of your love interest along with any personal details about your relationship that you want conveyed in the lyrics. Next we need to know what style of music you would like us to create for you. If you want you can give us an example of a favorite song you already like. We won't steal the music, but we can emulate the style for you. The price will depend largely on the amount of detail needed that you wish to put into the tune. The more we have to put into it the more it will cost). If you wish to personally sing the song then we will need you to email us an mp3 of you singing (or rapping) to the music we created. It's that simple. When we are finished we will email the song to you or your desired recipient. Now you can dedicate "your own personalized love song saying "anything you want in the lyrics." This is "Love-notes" where we love to make "magic happen."

Make your own fantasy music video

You don't have to settle for just writing someone a song. You can also make your own fantasy music video. We will take your personal video and "edit it to your music" to make the ultimate music video." Send it to boyfriend soldiers overseas or to loved ones who are currently separated from you. The concept goes like this: Once your song is finished, then send us your personalized video. There is no limit to what you can say or do. All music videos are private and will ONLY be sent to your desired recipient (or sent privately to you). We assume no liability or responsibility whatsoever for any content (After all, this is YOUR song). As long as it can be saved to our computers then we can edit it to fit your music. Make sure to discuss with us "in detail" what you want us to do and "how you want us to do it." This concept is unique, imaginative and "fun." Just tell us your concept on our Contact us page. We look forward to hearing from you.

A song/fantasy video about love by the ocean

This woman wanted to record a song and video about a love affair by the ocean. Please check out her tune simply entitled "Sea Breeze"
This is a video about a love affair from 2 different continents. Years ago this man had a beautiful union with a love interest from France. He asked us to help him put together a song and video to "reflect their story." She "loved it." Here at Love-notes we re-create memories through song and video. Contact us with your ideas and our experts will help you put it together. This is a truly unique and personal gift to give that no one else will be able to replicate (That because everyone's interactions are different and unique). Try it for yourself. "She" will be glad you did...

Let music set your mood...

Get someone's attention by dedicating a love song..."and fantasy video..."

Music has historically inspired people to commit acts they would normally never consider. Can you remember the last time you heard a great song that made you feel a certain way? Everyone can give gifts like jewelry and flowers, but no one can duplicate a specifically written song documenting the intimate details of your own personal relationship with someone special. You would be surprised at how great a motivator music can be. Let us help you get someone's attention through the power of music. You can email us at and tell us what you would like to do. It doesn't have to be a love song. You can say "whatever you want with music." It is fun, it is personal, and it is very unique... Try it now...


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